8 Ft Led Shop Lights Bollards vs. Metal Halide Bollards– Efficiency & Operating Cost Contrast

As efficiency increases, the factors to use LED instead of standard lighting technologies keep multiplying. Energy savings, very little upkeep, exceptional color making– the list goes on. The following contrast in between a 70w metal halide bollard light and a 12w LED bollard light shows why LED will be the dominant lighting innovation going forward.

First, let’s take a look at the cost of the two bollard lights. The LED bollard really costs less than the metal halide bollard. LESS. Production of LEDs is getting increasingly more efficient. Prices are falling as efficiency boosts. Now in lots of circumstances the rate of LED may be lower than that of metal halide, but the benefits of LED do not stop at price. Let’s compare the light output and the operating expense of the 70w metal halide compared to the 12w LED.

Both systems release similar light levels. At 4,000 hours, which is the mean lumen output for metal halide lamps, the 70w metal halide bollard light releases 816 lumens while the 12w LED bollard light discharges 847 lumens. YES. The 12w LED bollard light emits more mean lumens than the 70w metal halide.

Let’s examine the energy expenses. The 70w metal halide system really utilizes 85 watts of energy when considering the energy used by the light and ballast. The 12w LED system uses only 12 watts. In other words, the LED system utilizes 73 watts less than the metal halide. That’s 86% less energy. Based upon an approximated use of 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, the cost to run a metal halide bollard would be $92.65 a year. The 12w LED bollard light only costs $13. For those who have virtually any issues concerning where as well as tips on How Much Money Can You Save By Switching To Led Light Bulbs to employ Https://Drive.Google.Com, you possibly can e-mail us from our own site. 08 each year to operate.

The metal halide bollard light needs maintenance. A 70w metal halide light would needs to be changed, usually, every 10,000 hours. That has to do with five times over a period of ten years. How To Wire Led Light Bar To High Beam And Switch does that add up over 10 years? The overall ten-year operating expense of the 70w metal halide bollard light is $1,010. The ten-year total operating expense of the LED is $130.80, or $879.20 less than the operating cost of the metal halide system.

Perhaps it was obvious that you should acquire the LED bollard light as opposed to the metal halide bollard light considering that the expense is lower and it gives off more light. Now after discovering the operating expense difference over ten years is $879.20, the choice is eminently obvious.