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telescope on Miami skylineWhen students from other countries are studying abroad in Hawaii, not all of their learning will take place in the classroom.

One of the biggest reasons for studying overseas is to have new experiences learn about different cultures. These once-in-a-lifetime opportunities can create lifelong memories.

Studying in Hawaii is especially attractive because of all the wonderful see here. The time spent outside the classroom is just as valuable — if not more worthwhile — than the academic subjects studied during your time Hawaii.

Here, then, are three “must-see” sites to add to your agenda during your time studying in Hawaii:

Diamond Head/Waikiki Beach

Honolulu is Hawaii’s biggest city. And Waikiki Beach is one of the popular famous beaches in all of the world.

With its distinctive shape, Diamond Head has been the backdrop for countless movies elsewhere. No wonder it is so familiar!

Waikiki Beach is one of the best places for people-watching in Hawaii, as well as getting to know the friendly, outgoing residents of Honolulu.

Pearl Harbor

One of the most historic places in all of the US, Pearl Harbor is an essential place to visit to learn about American culture values.

Take the brief boat ride out to the USS Arizona Memorial the destruction of December 7, 1941.

North Shore

Catch a ride to the other side of Oahu to catch some of Hawaii’s gnarliest waves most beautiful beaches.

The North Shore is where the locals go to bask in the natural splendor that the isl lay in the bright Hawaiian sun.

Hawaii has much to offer both inside outside of the classroom. Make the most of your time here by visiting these incredible destinations.

within your budget. In addition to these basics, here are the top considerations to include your search for Hawaii student housing. Ask yourself these questions as you narrow down your options.

What Attractions Entertainment are Nearby?

Even though you will likely spend a large amount of time focusing on your schooling entertainment venues. This is especially important if you will not be driving during your stay in Hawaii. While you can rely on public transportation, it is convenient when you do not have to travel far to go shopping.

What Amenities are Included with the Hawaii Student Housing?

When you look at a rental location you should look at the amenities that are included. Find out if the location includes access to a washer kitchen appliances. You should also determine if the location is furnished. You will need to know if you will be required to purchase a bed or any other furniture.

Along with amenities, you could also inquire about pricing utilities. Determine if utilities are included in your monthly lease agreement or if you have to pay utilities separately.

These are just a few considerations to keep in mind as you search for Hawaii student housing. Remember to take your time compare features before making your final choice.

feature any amenities that they require. If you are searching for suitable housing in Hawaii, then look over the following suggestions. These are the top factors that you should consider when searching for housing:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Amenities
  • Lease


The first consideration is the location. You will want to find housing that is close to your school. If you will be walking or taking public transportation, then the location of your housing will be a major factor in your decision. Search for apartments housing based on location. From there, you can look at the other factors. In addition to finding a spot that is near your school, you should explore the surrounding features of the neighborhood. You may want to be close to a supermarket or other shops.

Make a list of all the available housing options that meet your location requirements.


After looking at locations, you should start thinking about how much you can afford. Start narrowing down your choices by considering the prices of the locations on your list.


You should also consider the amenities that the housing location offers. Some apartments have free Wi-Fi or have a communal lounge with free internet access. You may also need access to a washer dryer. Include these features in your overall decision.


The final consideration is the lease. Make sure that you do not need to sign a lease that is longer than the amount of time you intend to stay in Hawaii. Generally, you should only sign a 6-month or 1-year lease.

Hawaii foreign students will often have to find their own housing. Keep these suggestions in mind as you start your search for housing.

are in need of housing, then are a few steps that you should take. This will help you find the best location so that you can focus on your studies while still having access to everything that Hawaii has to offer.

Here are some tips for Honolulu international students looking for housing.

Consider Your Needs Requirements

The very first tip is to take your time when finding housing for Honolulu international students. You should start by making a list of all of your needs entertainment in the area. Another requirement to consider is how much you can afford. You should set your budget before you begin your search. This will make the process of finding suitable housing a lot easier.

Along with your budget dryer? Do you need internet access within your new home? What are some of the features that are most important to you? Add these features to your list of requirements, before you begin searching for housing for Honolulu international students.

Browse Housing Options for Honolulu International Students

After you have considered your needs requirements, you should begin browsing housing options for Honolulu international students. Search for any locations that meet all of the requirements that you have added to your list. Begin making a new list of locations that meet your needs. Once you have a dozen or so possible locations, you should begin narrowing down your list.

If you need help looking for housing for Honolulu international students, then please take a moment to browse the rest of this site. You will find searchable housing listings other tips for locating housing.

Hawaii International StudentsIf you are an international student that is planning on attending school in Hawaii, there are many affordable options for housing. Unfortunately, finding housing for Hawaii international students is not always easy. Here are some tips for ensuring you find suitable housing before your school term begins.

Start Your Search Early

The first tip for Hawaii international students is to start your search early. You may have many different housing options to compare. Some housing may be full by the time you make your arrangement. Remember, there will probably be plenty of other students searching for housing in the area.

Get to Know the Area

Another suggestion is to get to know the area. If you are not familiar with Hawaii, you should perform some research. Find out more about the isl the beach.

Getting to know the neighborhood the surrounding attractions will help you narrow down your search.

You Should Remain Flexible

You can afford to be a little picky about the housing options available to Hawaii international students, but you should also remain flexible. You may not find all of the features that you are looking for. You should make a list of the features that are most important to you. This could include the location of the housing, the included amenities – such as a washer the cost.

Compare Your Housing Options

Once you have a few different housing options, you should begin comparing. Consider the cost, location, other features from your list of priorities. It can take some time to find the best option, but you really need to perform some research.

Hawaii international students may have to find their own housing. If this applies to you, use the tips provided to help you with your search.

Honolulu Student HousingHonolulu student housing gives close access some of the greatest beaches in the world. Whether you are into surfing, swimming, snorkeling, or any other water activity, Hawaii can be a great place to learn. When you have some free time from your studies, consider getting out to the beach. Here are some of the best beaches in the Honolulu area.

Honolulu Student Housing is Close to Ala Moana Beach Park

One of the first places that you should visit after making arrangements for Honolulu student housing is Ala Moana Beach Park. This park features over 100 acres of white-s other amenities.

Visit Kahanamoku Beach

Another public beach to visit is Kahanamoku Beach. This s beach-side restaurants.

Head Over to Diamond Head Beach Park

This park was actually formed due to a volcanic eruption. The park sits in a crater fun water activities.

Have a Picnic Waialae Beach Park

Another location to check out, if you are going to be staying in Honolulu student housing, is Waialae Beach Park. This oceanfront park has pristine beaches snorkeling.

Honolulu parks. Make sure that you take time out of your busy schedule to stop by some of the locations mentioned.

going to college in Hawaii. Depending on the college that you attend, making arrangements for your housing could be your responsibility since not all colleges have dormitories. As you plan to travel abroad to study, use these tips for choosing the best Hawaii student housing location.

Start Your Search Based on Location

Before you even start searching for Hawaii student housing, you should determine where your college is located. Look on a map or search online to get a general idea of the location of the college buildings the surrounding area.

Unless you rent a vehicle walking to get around. Being located within biking or walking distance of your main campus could become a lifesaver.

Decide on a Budget or Maximum Rent

Figure out how much you can afford to spend on rent for your Hawaii student housing. Hawaii is home to a diverse selection of neighborhoods communities. There should be something for everyone, so come up a with a budget, based on the amount of money you expect to have access to each month.

Keep in mind, some student housing will require weekly rent while others may charge a monthly rent. These locations could also include additional charges, such as a security deposit.

Browse Hawaii Student Housing

Now that you have a location within your price range.

Narrow down your list by exploring the features of the housing. Find out what amenities they include, such as internet access, private bathroom, any other features that are important to you.

Once you have two or three options in mind, contact the person or company in charge of leasing or renting the student housing for additional information.

Surfboards at Lumahai beach KauaiAs a resident of Hawaii, it’s almost your civic duty to teach your international student how to surf.

Surfing was invented in Hawaii. The ancient Polynesians are believed to be the first to jump on a board South Africa competing in global surf competitions.

Surf Culture Hawaii

As you are aware, when you live in Hawaii it’s practically impossible to escape surf culture. Surfing here is a way of life. And “surf attitude” is one of the isls’ biggest exports.

When people all over the world think of Hawaii, they think of surfing. That’s because we have the best waves, the biggest competitions, the most surfers per capita than anywhere else on Earth.

Surfing Your International Student

So it’s only natural that your international student is going to want to at least try surfing during their time in Hawaii. And as their host family, it’s up to you to make sure they learn how to do the sport right.

Anyone can surf — although not everybody can surf well. All you need is a surfboard, some waves, you can enjoy hours of fun in the sun riding the waves.

Plan a Family Outing

The best way to introduce surfing to your international student is to make them a part of a family outing to the beach. Practically any beach will do, but you may want to choose one that isn’t crowded with experienced surfers. This will make it less likely that your international student will be less self-conscious as they learn their new skill.

Start slow, be encouraging, when they leave.

Travel keyboard key. FingerThe day your international student arrives to begin their stay in your home is special for everybody. But it can also be a very nerve-wracking day.

You’re nervous because you may not know what to expect. You may even wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into.

Your international student is nervous because they are traveling to a strange exotic place. Plus, it’s often the first time they have been away from home — let alone out of the country — by themselves. So they are bound to be nervous.

Set the Tone from the Start

You can set your international student at ease welcoming atmosphere from the very first moments that you meet.

Bring your entire family to greet your international student at the airport. While current security measures won’t allow everybody to meet them at the gate, you typically can arrange to be there yourself when they step off the plane if you speak with the TSA supervisor at the airport explain the situation.

Your guest probably will need help traveling through customs anyway.

Greet Them Warmly

Then you can have the rest of the family waiting at the security gate, where they can greet them with warm smiles, signs, balloons, loved.

You probably will want to show off where you live, but it’s a good idea to resist the temptation to give your international student the gr have been traveling for many hours.

They will need time to decompress later.


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Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. People travel from all over the world to marvel at its natural beauty.

But perhaps the best way to see Hawaii in all its splendor is from the sea. Only when your are on a boat can you see the verdant cliffs of Kauai, the soaring majesty of Oahu’s Diamondhead, the lush green volcanic valleys of Maui, magma hundreds of feet in the air.

Take a Boat Ride

So if you truly want to show off the lush isl.

You can rent a speedboat by the hour at most public marinas. Or, if you are experienced at sailing, you can rent a sailboat s, most of which are a few hours’ journey away.

What You Can’t See from L

One of the most remarkable things about Hawaii is that it offers a lot of hidden coves, desolate beaches, routes. They can only be reached by boat or helicopter.

Pack a picnic lunch beach on Oahu that can’t be reached by any road. You probably will have the entire beach to yourselves!

Surrounded by water, Hawaii can only truly be appreciated from a boat. If you want to give your international student a view of Hawaii they will never forget, take them on a boat tour of the isls.