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Group of students in the parkHawaiian Student Housing, your success is very important to us

You have decided to study in the U.S. have chosen to do it here in Hawaii. You made an excellent choice. If you’re looking a place to stay, we have the ideal Hawaiian student housing for you. If you stay with us during the duration of your studies you will pay less than when you just stay for one year. You will get a discounted price.

We adhere to first come ard procedure that we adopt to protect you from being displaced. Once you have sent in your deposit, the room is locked in for you.

Living near your school will make it easier for you become a part of the system. You can easily go there the computers there. We are very popular among Hawaii foreign students because of the accessibility of our homes with many of the schools.

You are well protected in case of bad weather. Our housing facilities are made of permanent materials. They are strong cold water.

If you like to study with housemates, there’s a study hall where you can do it. You might want to relax during your studies. There’s a TV hall where you can watch your favorite programs. There’s a large ground where you can jog or walk daily. It’s a safe wonderful place.

We have screened the windows mosquitoes bother you. Our maintenance team always sees to it that there’s nothing to bother you while you are studying or sleeping.

Our Hawaiian Student Housing staffs are highly experienced. You will find us very friendly easy to approach.  We treat each as friends. We will make your stay as wonderful as we can. Our main aim is to provide a housing atmosphere where you can successfully finish your study.

We have double occupancy rooms mostly.  If you prefer a more private setting, we have also single rooms. Many of the Hawaii foreign students that come to stay with us would choose a 3 bedroom capacity.

Hawaiian Beach

Hawaiian Student Housing, where you’re treated like home

For most of you, this is the first time you’ve been away from home in a foreign l. If you’re planning to study in the U.S., Hawaii particularly, we have the best solution for your housing concerns. It’s not easy to be living in a place

where the cultures are as different as the east to the west. The diversity is just staggering. That’s what we at Hawaiian Student Housing are trying to bridge we have been very successful in doing just that since our very beginning, many years ago.

Our main concern at Hawaiian Student Housing is your safety. Everything else follows. Your comfort, convenience, with everyone to bond nicely.

Your overall welfare is what we at Hawaiian Student Housing will keep in our sites.

It’s difficult to accommodate you all in our residences, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll leave you on your own. We’ll see to it that you’re well placed have access to what every student is supposed to enjoy. You’ll still be under our direct supervision, which means you will be our responsibility.

We always see to it that you stay in places where you get a loving welcome under our watch your studying will always get the first priority.

What we have here is just more than a student housing.

It’s a hub for people who want to discover what’s on the other side of the world separate from what they have in their own countries. You’ll go home richer in knowledge traditions of the other countries. The learning process isn’t limited to what the classrooms have to offer, but also what your fellow students can impart from you.

The cost of living in Hawaii is quite cheaper compared to other states. And this true with the tuition fees also. The school st disorientation.

The number of international students in the US has grown a lot. The importance of finding a safe haven for all of you fell on the h you will succeed in your purpose in coming to the U.S.

You will go home as a professional thankful for being part of our Hawaiian Student Housing program.

Group of university students sitting on steps

Our Hawaiian Student Housing program is number one among international students who come to the country to study.

Hawaii has everything for all kinds of people. It’s the best place to be when you want to take up your studies in the U.S.A. If you’re tired of getting a lot of cold weather from the country where you reside, the Hawaiian sun will definitely appeal to you. If you’re from tropical countries, you’d like to stay in a place where you don’t have to adjust in living conditions particularly keeping up with snow during winter time. So whether you are from a cold or sunny place, the Hawaiian weather will keep you comfortable cozy.

You are in luck since Hawaii boasts some of the best schools the country can offer. You might be planning to become an engineer, a medical practitioner in any field, science courses, law, business, accounting, the beach as your constant companion not to mention of very low pollution.

It’s an excellent place to study with the least distraction. If you want to see the mainl enjoy what the greatest country on earth can offer. In the meantime, you’ll find being a Hawaii International Student just the one thing you need to succeed in your studies.

We have the perfect Hawaiian Student Housing program available for you.  The number of students coming to the          U.S. this is the reason that we always have a place for you at our Hawaiian Student Housing facilities.

We have a steady supply of housing, which our member families have been providing us for several years now has proven to be a source of pride for us all. You will find staying with them just like staying in your own home. You will always fond memories of your short stay with them.

A lot of graduates still communicate with the owners of Hawaiian Student Housing they used to stay here.  They are very thankful for being treated like real children by their foster parents. That only goes to show that our hard work has been successful. Being a Hawaii International Students is your best alternative if you want to get your education here in America.

If you’re planning to come here in Hawaii to study, you can contact us happy environment. We’ll be waiting for you.