Hawaii Foreign Students Can Find Suitable Housing with a Little Help

feature any amenities that they require. If you are searching for suitable housing in Hawaii, then look over the following suggestions. These are the top factors that you should consider when searching for housing:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Amenities
  • Lease


The first consideration is the location. You will want to find housing that is close to your school. If you will be walking or taking public transportation, then the location of your housing will be a major factor in your decision. Search for apartments housing based on location. From there, you can look at the other factors. In addition to finding a spot that is near your school, you should explore the surrounding features of the neighborhood. You may want to be close to a supermarket or other shops.

Make a list of all the available housing options that meet your location requirements.


After looking at locations, you should start thinking about how much you can afford. Start narrowing down your choices by considering the prices of the locations on your list.


You should also consider the amenities that the housing location offers. Some apartments have free Wi-Fi or have a communal lounge with free internet access. You may also need access to a washer dryer. Include these features in your overall decision.


The final consideration is the lease. Make sure that you do not need to sign a lease that is longer than the amount of time you intend to stay in Hawaii. Generally, you should only sign a 6-month or 1-year lease.

Hawaii foreign students will often have to find their own housing. Keep these suggestions in mind as you start your search for housing.

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