“A Connection that lasts a Lifetime…”

“Helping international students is our passion. We also came from a foreign country, and we know how hard it is to be far from family, to go through difficult phases without anyone to help… When we host our international students, our heart is to serve them by providing a “home” feel.

We will help you through each phase of your experience: Through your initial excitement and optimism, through loneliness, homesickness, and finally through the acceptance and serenity phase, where you really get to enjoy the most.

We will be there for you! We believe you are so courageous for leaving your family to come to a foreign country. We believe you are adventurous and a risk taker, characteristic of a great leader. It will be a true honor to help you to achieve your goals, here in Hawaii”

Romulo & Mariana Barbosa

Hawaii Student Housing

For Students: Arriving in Honolulu by yourself can be a bit overwhelming at first, kinda like your first day at a new school. HIS will help you settle! Safe. Fun. It’s an experience of a Lifetime!

For Hosting Families: Aloha! If you have a room at your house that you would like to rent to a college student, now you can post it for free on this site. Adding your house here is fast and super easy.

The goal is to help students (specially the international) to find a safe and healthy place where they can live, study and grow while spending time in our Island.

International Students help to grow our economy, but they find very difficult to find a home here. Please share and help us to bless them!

From http://invest.hawaii.gov/education/
“In addition to the $205.1 million in direct economic output, other economic benefits of international students include:

$443 million in total economic impact, including direct and indirect effects.
4,922 jobs were supported by foreign student spending.
$185 million in household earnings was attributed to foreign students.
$29 million in state taxes was generated from the total economic output of foreign students.”

Hawaii Student Housing


Why Hawaii Student Housing is the Reliable Source?

Hawaii advantage: University / College tuitions well below the national average, multicultural atmosphere, wide range of learning opportunities, health, safe and friendly environment. From Hawaiian breathtaking beaches, to spectacular mountains and sky high views, this is for the adventurous to go beyond the ordinary to find paradise! Whether in the luxury and city life style of Waikiki or the serenity and big waves of North Shore, you will love Hawaii!

Hawaii is a paradise, but even in paradise the international student struggle with the 5 stages of studying abroad:

1. Excitement and optimism
2. Disorientation
3. Loneliness
4. Homesickness
5. Acceptance and serenity

We help you with guidance and encouragement. Being afar from family, in the beginning, sounds really adventurous! But with time, it feels very lonely. We will be there for you every step of the way.

True Facts and Figures About International Students Housing in Hawaii

There are now 40 percent more international students  studying at U.S. colleges than a decade ago, and the rate of increase has risen steadily for the past three years, the report said.

In the 2015 school year, there were over 1 million international students in the US. The number of students from China increased 21.4 percent from the previous year. Following China, the top “places of origin” are India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Canada, the report said. That order has not changed for years. Those five account for about 60 percent of all international students.

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More details:

• One of the largest increases, 30.5%, came from Saudi Arabia; its 44,566 students are largely funded by a Saudi government scholarship program.

• Participation by Brazil students increased 20.4%, largely because of a new government scholarship program for undergraduates.

• Japan, which was hit hard by a tsunami in early 2011, saw a rebound in interest among U.S. students.

Hawaii Student Housing

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