Closeup of mother with teenage daughter

Although you know this will be an awesome experience for your loved one, you are not comfortable with the many unknown variables. Where is your child going to live? Is it safe? Who will be there for them in case they need?

While sending your child to college can be wonderfully exciting, it can also be very stressful. Besides the obvious emotions that come with your child leaving home for the first time, you will continue to worry about all facets of your child’s health other destructive behaviors.

The frustrating part of all this for most parents is that you cannot be there every minute to guide your child help them make wise decisions.

They want independence disorientation can knock on the door.

H.I.S. will check on your loved one for you, providing freedom for them to grow, but being a local friendly h when they need the most.


YOUR part in this stage of your child’s life:


that is just as important. It can do more than help shape lives, it can save lives.

  1. Set clear realistic expectations regarding academic performance. Studies conducted nationally have demonstrated that partying may contribute as much to a student’s decline in grades as the difficulty of his or her academic work.
  2. Stress to students that drugs excessive consumption can fatally poison. This is not a scare tactic. The fact is students die every year from alcohol poisoning. they see someone putting their life at risk through participation in dangerous drinking.
  3. Tell students to intervene when classmates are in trouble with alcohol. Nothing is more tragic than an unconscious student being left to die while others either fail to recognize that the student is in jeopardy or fail to call for help due to fear of getting the student in trouble.
  4. Tell students to st up for their right to a safe academic environment. Students who do not drink can be affected by the behavior of those who do, ranging from interrupted study time to assault or unwanted sexual advances.
  5. Avoid tales of drinking exploits from your own college years. Entertaining students with stories of drinking back in “the good old days” normalizes what, even then, was abnormal behavior. It also appears to give parental approval to dangerous alcohol consumption.
  6. Encourage your student to volunteer in community work. In addition to structuring free time, volunteerism provides students with opportunities to develop job-related skills to gain valuable experience.
  7. Make it clear –  alcohol-impaired driving is against the law. Parents should make it clear that they do not condone breaking the law.


H.I.S is 100% International Student Housing

Your son or daughter will be able to meet friends get the best education while enjoying himself / herself in a natural environment.

Although we try to help them as much as we can, we can’t be held responsive for their choices. We will provide counseling, guidance locally positioned, but our main goal is to help them to grow with their own choices.


They grew up! We treat them as adults.


Before signing up with any other “student housing”, ask them to send their contract over. Many of them are actually hotels, they reserve the right to move your student from one location to another without your permission.

We work with Hawaii colleges we are open to be inspected by them at any time.

Your son / daughter privacy is very important to us. We will intervene if we believe they are behaving in a way that can cause harm to themselves or others.

By being RESPONSIBLE for their choices, they will grow will be able to take the best of this opportunity.