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Tanvir (Japanese: タンザ Tanza) is a resident of Cocona Plaza in the past that appeared in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs.
The player first meets Tanvir when Celebi takes the player back in time for a second time. He and Kira mention that the doors to the temples are closed, which is unusual, before asking Celebi to take the player back to their time. The next time the player goes back in time, Tanvir asks them for help in finding out why the Steelheads that act as the guardians of the temples are acting strangely after he is attacked by one. He mentions that the armor worn by Steelheads can control Pokémon in a similar manner to the Styler the player has, but also transmits feelings other than friendship. For that reason, Tanvir and Kira both decided to stop wearing the Steelhead armor after accidentally causing Pokémon to fight when they had an argument.
After a while, he enters the temples himself to find out the source of the problem but is injured and returns later on in the game.






タンザ Tanza



French, Spanish


Same as Japanese name



Similar to Japanese name



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Janice is a character in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. She works at the Ranger School, and early on requires the help of the player and Keith to capture a group of escaped Bidoof.
Her specific job in the school is that of caretaker, and she can often be found cleaning near the dorm rooms on the second floor. She also cooks food for the students and Pokémon in the school, and cares for the Pokémon on the grounds. Many students look up to her as a mother. She also owns a Bidoof which lives with her in the school. In an optional Quest, she will ask the player to burn some leaves in the schoolyard.

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Ms. Claire (Japanese: クリアン Clian) is a character in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. Ms. Claire teaches the fundamentals of Target Clearing and she is met along with Mr. Kaplan during Rhythmi’s school tour.
She may be Mr. Kaplan’s wife, as two children in a house in Pueltown say that their parents teach capturing and Target Clearing at the Ranger School.
Her name may come her teaching of Target “Clear”ing.

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Melodyロッコ Rocko

Melody performing for her brother







Isaac, grandparents (unnamed)




Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

Melody (Japanese: ロッコ Rocko) is a notable character in the game Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. She is the sister of Isaac.


1 Story
2 Quest
3 Pokémon

3.1 Unofficial
3.2 Temporary

4 Trivia

She first appears on the bridge that leads to the Ranger School, crying because she cannot find her brother, whom she wanted to visit because she cared for him so much.
She is seen later on in Pueltown, after Team Dim Sun’s Gigaremo experiment, in which she was trapped in a circle of hypnotized Pokémon, including Elekid and Magby. Brook tries to help by doing a ‘Super Brook Jump’, trapping himself also, pc Kinderspiele until the player destroys the controlling Gigaremo. She then goes back home.
During Team Dim Sun’s attack on the Ranger Union, after Ice failed to get Isaac back using “gentlemanly” means, she was kidnapped by Lavana so that Isaac could come with them to finish the Incredible Machine, which he does so she could be saved. She is pinched as a demonstration of what will happen to her. Upon Isaac’s leave, Keith gets angry at Team Dim Sun’s low work.
She is next seen trapped in person with Dim Sun Admins, until she is freed and saved by Keith after the player captures the Admin’s Pokémon.
After the player defeats Darkrai, Isaac takes a day off so he could spend the day with her.
After the game, she writes a song for Isaac’s birthday. She then asks the player to bring her a Chingling, Jigglypuff, Kricketune and Chatot to perform with her. Melody and the player then go to where Isaac works in the Altru Building to have her mini-recital for him. She sings the song called My Brother Isaac’s Lullaby while the Pokémon are behind her. She made the song so that Isaac could sleep. Isaac then thanks her for it, even saying that he felt like dreaming.
Because he loves Melody so much, Isaac used her name for certain passwords, namely the Incredible Machine’s design disc and the Altru Building’s elevator, which surprises Keith about how much Isaac loves his sister.


Gift of Music for Isaac



Long Line

I wrote a song as a present for my brother. I want to play a concert with these Pokémon: Chatot, Kricketune, Chingling, and Jigglypuff! Please, will you bring them here, all at once?



Buneary: Melody lives with this Buneary in Pueltown.





Jigglypuff, Chingling, Kricketune and Chatot: Given by the player character temporarily on a quest, to help her in her performance for Isaac.
Melody shares her name with a character from the second Pokémon movie. Both of them sang a song in the end of the media they were in, with Melody of Shamouti Island performing for Lugia’s peace.

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Mr. Kaplan (Japanese: キャプス Caps) is a character in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia and a teacher at the Ranger School. He often jokes about being part of “Team School” and how they will someday rule the world. The player first meets him after the entrance exam. He teaches the fundamentals of capture by having the player capture a Pikachu.
He keeps a book on his desk called Drama for Beginners, which may imply he enjoys acting.
Mr. Kaplan may also be the husband of Ms. Claire, as two children living in Pueltown tell the player that their parents teach Target Clearing and capturing at the Ranger School.
His name may come from his teaching of “Capture.”

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since Joel’s duorio is listed as his “partner” I will do the same with Spenser’s Fearow and If anyone has a problem just let know and you may change it back to “on hand”. note that I will do this few articles Truthseeker4449 19:38, 19 July 2011 (UTC)

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Pamur (Japanese: イマチチ Imachichi) is a minor character in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.
Pamur is Murph’s father. Pamur is not his real name, instead being a nickname because he is Murph’s pa.
He is found at the Shiver Camp where he directs the research team living there. He gave Murph a gift. It turned out to have a shard from the Blue Gem, unknown to both of them and the gift’s maker, Mrs. Winter.
He tasks the player with two quests. The first involves melting ice found in the Crysta Cave. The second one involves finding Murph who has gone off somewhere.

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This is about the ranger in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. If you were looking for the ranger from its predecessor, see Keith (Fall City).

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Keithダズル Dazzle

Art from Shadows of Almia



Keith (Japanese: ダズル Dazzle) is a Pokémon Ranger in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

1 In the games

1.1 Pokémon

1.1.1 Partner
1.1.2 Controlled with Capture Styler

2 In the manga
3 Trivia
4 Names

In the games
He quickly becomes friends with the player, along with Rhythmi, during their time in the Ranger School. After graduation, he and Rhythmi were assigned to Fiore, unlike the player. There, he met his partner, Buizel. He appears multiple times in The Almia Times, where some of his heroics in Fiore are shown. He aspires to become a Top Ranger, which is eventually accomplished—by no mere coincidence—at the same time as the player. He is declared the twelfth of twelve Rangers to become Top Rangers, while the player is the eleventh.
Later, on a mission to get the Yellow Gem, he is kidnapped by Heath in Hippowdon Temple and held for ransom, his Styler stolen so Heath could lure the player to him by voicemail. Since Keith failed, the player challenges and befriends Cresselia, who is guarding the Yellow Gem. Unfortunately, the player has to hand over his/her hard-earned prize to Heath to rescue Keith; after he obtains the Yellow Gem, Heath flees to Altru Tower to secure the gem so the Shadow Crystal could not be neutralized. Keith later assists the player during Operation Brighton, saving the player from Darkrai’s Dark Power Field Move.
After the game, he is rarely seen. He cannot be found regularly and will only appear when the player completes the Browser, conquers the Capture Arena, and finishes a certain quest.
On Ranger Net, Keith will partner up with the player for the special mission “Liberate the Tower!”.



Controlled with Capture Styler




In the manga
Keith in the manga
Keith appears as a cameo when Erma recalls about Kate and Kellyn’s old classmates.

His name resembles that of Heath of the Sinis Trio, even in Japanese. ダズル Dazzle (Dazuru) is somewhat similar to デゼル Deser (Dezeru).


ダズル Dazzle











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